The Itinerant Cinephile

Edward Hopper, New York Movie, 1939
Edward Hopper, New York Movie, 1939

“When I see a film and I like it, I want to share my enthusiasm for it with others. There is so little in this modern commercial world that is really and truly exciting…that it’s very important for me that those little fragments of beauty, of Paradise, are brought to the attention of friends and strangers equally.”

– Jonas Mekas

The Itinerant Cinephile is currently on hiatus, as I finish a book project. Stay tuned!

Issue 14 | Winter/Spring 2016 (Cambridge, MA) | Movies at Home

Issue 13 | Fall 2015 (Cambridge, MA) | Fighting festival fatigue and “festival-itis”

Issue 12 | August 2015 (Paris, France) | 50th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, kino-going in Prague, last stop: Paris

Issue 11 | July 2015 (Bologna, Italy) | Conferencing in the U.K., 69th Edinburgh International Film Festival, celebrating film’s past (and future) at Il Cinema Ritrovato in Bologna

Issue 10 | June 2015 (Helsinki, Finland) | Decoding film schedules, avoiding dubbing, and other things lost in translation from Istanbul to Lapland

Issue 9 | May 2015 (Istanbul, Turkey) | The Road Untraveled

Issue 8 | March/April 2015 (Philadelphia, PA) | New Media Pedagogy

Issue 7 | February 2015 (Philadelphia, PA) | Sundance 2015

Issue 6 | December 2014-January 2015 (Cambridge, MA) | Death to “the death of cinema”

Issue 5 | November 2014 (Philadelphia, PA) | An elegy for celluloid film and its projection | An appreciation of the art (and necessity) of film curating

Issue 4 | October 2014 (Philadelphia, PA) | The good, the bad, and the ugly of film festivals and indie distribution 

Issue 3 | September 2014 (Philadelphia, PA) | Foraging for films in Philly and finding an old friend

Issue 2 | August 2014 (Cambridge, MA) | Foraging for cinemas across Europe | Finding inspiration | (Finally!) formulating my route

Issue 1 | July 2014 (Cambridge, MA) | Introducing my project | Film festival finessing