Trailer for Provocauteurs and Provocations: Screening Sex in 21st Century Media

Interview with Ms. Magazine “Sex Sells—But Why? and How? Author Maria San Filippo on Sexual Provocation in Film and TV”

The Conversation “The sex scene isn’t disappearing – it’s simply shifting from clichéd fantasy to messy reality” (Reprinted in Salon)

Interview on Sunday Extra with Julian Morrow (ABC Radio National)

Interview with New Books Network “New Books in MEDIA & Communications” podcast

Mentioned in Mashable article “Seeing more dicks on TV? Here’s why.”

Download prologue:  “Tangled up in Blue

FOR IUP’s BLOG: “The Year of Screening Provocatively”

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“Love Actually: Romantic Comedy Since the Aughts” Introduction to After ‘Happily Ever After’: Romantic Comedy in the Post-Romantic Age download

Interview on ABC Radio National’s The Screen Show (segment begins at 29:00)

CNN: A Genre Reborn: Inside the Evolution of the Rom-Com

Reel Talks Series at Bryant Park Reading Room, New York, July 2021

Behind the Scenes: After “Happily Ever After” Trailer

Read Soraya Roberts’ shout-out in this thinkpieceLove & Anarchy has liberated the rom-com from its neoliberal shackles”!

Read my Letter to the Editor in the Boston Globe.

Strangers, season 1 (2017)

Praise & publicity for The B Word: